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upstate new york does not refer to the proximity of new york city; its the entire state in general. upstate is anything north of westchester county.

The 5 bouroughs, nassau, suffolk and weschester are downstate.

the only debate is westchester, not because of the social/economical connections with the city, its just that its north of the bronx. But most people say that it is downstate.

if you think long island is upstate then you are obviously from one of the citys bad schools or from any upstate school (north of weschester). Learn your geography! This isnt that hard! Not one person I have ever met has even knew that this was a "debate"(which its not).
Someone from long island/New York City: "Im going upstate this weekend"

Friend: "your going north of westchester? watch out for the tractors!
by LI_NY_Guy June 09, 2005
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Whatever is north of the Capital District (Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady). Looking at a county map of New York State would verify that.
Whoever said that Long Island was upstate has to be the biggest retard ever. Either that, or he never looked at a map of New York State before in his life.
by Omega Death May 08, 2005
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Most intelligent people know that "Upstate New York" has traditionally been the land north of Albany. Just because something is "up" from NYC, doesn't make it part of "Upstate New York". You might be going "upstate" or "up the state" but you will never be in "Upstate New York" while visiting Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, White Plains, etc.

And think about this - what do you think people in Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, etc say when they are visiting Lake George, for example. "Oh we're going to Up-Upstate New York" ???? Of course not! That's because Rhinebeck/Poughkeepsie/White Plains people do NOT LIVE IN UPSTATE NEW YORK!

Think rationally --- and read a textbook. Maybe you'll learn something about the history of New York (and the geography).
Matt: Where are you from?
Peter: Kingston
Matt: Ohhhhhh Upstate New York
Peter: *smacks Matt on head*
by cappucinomix July 08, 2011
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Upstate New York, contrary to the belief of Long Islanders, does not begin just north of the city. NYC suburbs include Rockland, Orange, Westchester, Putnam, and Lower Dutchess counties - including Fairfield County, CT. "Upstate" begins north of those places, when there is no longer Metro-North train service to Grand Central Station.

Poughkeepsie is NOT part of upstate New York. However, slightly north of Poughkeepsie (i.e., Rhinebeck) is where "upstate" actually begins. On the flip side of the Hudson, Newburgh is not upstate. Newburgh is only an hour and a half from the city. Please don't call Newburgh upstate. West of the Hudson, upstate begins in Ulster county.
"I'm sorry, but Scarsdale is NOT upstate New York."

Person from Dutchess meets person from Long Island:
D: "Where are you from?"
LI: "Lawn-Guy-Lind. You?"
D: "Dutchess County...like, Poughkeepsie."
LI: "...Is that upstate? What's it like in upstate NY?"
Person from Dutchess meets person from Renssalaer:
D: "Where are you from?"
R: "Albany. Well Renssalaer, but no one knows where that is....so Albany."
D: "Oh...I'm from Poughkeepsie."
R: "Is it warm there?"
D: "Uh..."
R: "You know upstate starts NORTH of the Hudson, right?"
D: *confused*
by new yawka fo-shizzle November 08, 2006
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-The northern part of New York north of Albany and in the Hudson River area. Just saying now, Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester are not upstate. They are in Central-Western New York.

And just to clear this up, not all Upstaters are good-for-nothing hicks. Sure, some are, but everywhere has hicks and wierdos. The only reason that a lot of upstaters don't have jobs is because all the jobs left in the 50's, making New York (the state, idiot out-of-staters) the poorest state per capita.

-Upstate is not a crime-ridden slum as several cities, like Port Jervis have displayed to us. People here have manners and common sense.

-A LOT prettier than the city, which is more crime infested and poorer (per capita).
OK, this damn thing keeps erasing my example and telling me to say Upstate New York, even though I DID so now i just said it.
by *ITALIAN* June 19, 2010
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The vast area encompassing New York State north of Westchester county. A varied mosaic of farmland, woodland, picturesque rolling hills, and towns and cities ranging from the charming to the decrepit. Generally more provincial and less cosmpolitan than its densely urban New York City counterpart, its citizenry is more approachable and friendly albeit less refined and cultured than the pretentious yuppies of New York and Long Island. Some of its urban centers are buoyed economically and culturally by the influence of many universities and (in the case of the capital region) government administration centers; however most of its large cities are mired in varying states of urban decay and have been hemorrhaging population since the 1950s due to a steady loss of jobs and a subsequent increase in crime. Utica, Rochester, and Newburgh are particularly miserable places to set foot in. Its more rural areas, which feature breathtaking landscapes, are lovely and bucolic albeit mind-numbingly boring to actually live in.

In summation, upstate New York is too large and varied an area to define succinctly. As a native resident of New York City who went to college upstate I can both laud it for being physically beautiful and its natives for being candid, frank, and hospitable while noting that I would never want to live there permanently as life there can grow trite, repetitive, cold as hell, and insufferably boring after a while and the locals' lack of sophistication and city-esque hustle, while charming at first, can also eventually grow unflattering. Not that I'd want them to change. Their lack of tact and culture is offset by their good character and sincerity, something too many city residents and Long Islanders sorely do not have. Both Upstate and Downstate need each other, more or less. It's a yin-yang thing.
New Yorker 1: I'm going upstate for the summer.
New Yorker 2: You'll love it in Upstate New York for the first few weeks. It's nice to get away from the yuppie assholes down here for a while. Eventually, though, you'll need to come back to civilization.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. February 18, 2008
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Upstate NY.Hmm. Basically anywhere within the borders of the state north of the Bronx. The people there are usually characterized by a lack of overly neurotic, self important, belligerent, paranoid ass-hattedness that plagues those that live within the confines of NYC. Its true.
I now live in SoCal and met a girl from San Diego who was back for a visit. She told me she had been living in NYC for a couple of months and we got to talking. I said "Yeah people in NYC are ass hats"
Then SHE says "Yes WE are quite intimidating".
What a cunt.
She was wearing that "center of the universe" mantle like she'd been poppin' it in the Marcy Projects with Jay-Z 6 hours before she stepped off the mo'fuckin plane.
Thats what IIII'm talkin about.
Hey Hey My My Rock and Roll will never die its better to burn out than fry hey hey my my Upstate New York

by Drunken Mick May 01, 2006
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