The part of New York state whose inhabitants (like myself, who has NEVER lived outside upstate New York) are generally dismissed by people from downstate New York as "not real New Yorkers." In New York's 2000 U. S. Senate Election Republican Rick Lazio was only polite upstate because he needed us but, to her credit, Hillary Rodham Clinton made an effort to learn as much as possible about upstate.

Sure, there's no theatre, only the Buffalo Bills among sports teams, and no opera, but it was UPSTATE that hosted the Winter Olympics twice and downstate that hasn't hosted either type of the Olympics once.

The stereotype of New Yorkers (downstate AND UPSTATE) being rude also has varying degrees of truth among almost all 19,000,000 people in the state, so upstate New Yorkers shouldn't get self-congratulatory about politeness either.
I've lived in upstate New York, there are a handful of rude people there too, but it's more conducive to vehicle ownership.
by upstater; can't live downstate February 03, 2009
Downstate as defined by the New York State Dept of Tourism:

Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, and Southern Dutchess Counties.

Includes: City of Rye, Peekskill, Newburgh, Middletown, Beacon, Port Jervis, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, White Plains, ect. ect.

So anything north of Poughkeepsie basically, like Ulster and Columbia counties.
Were ya from:

"Downstate NY"
by Finch31 May 07, 2005
Upstate NY is anything that's not either NYC or Long Island (how the hell do you dumbasses consider Long Island upstate where it's not north of NYC at all)? Places like Poughkeepsie are just Southern Upstate. And you NYC ppl need to stop thinking that you're so great. You're just a bunch of Yankee-loving sons of bitches that believe that there's nothing to life except money, business, and being so damn agressive. And you guys are such punes when it comes to weather. You guys have warm weather, face it. Sure, upstate is all mountain, woods, falls, farms, and small ghetto of cities, but it's much better than being all hustle-bustle and arrogant all the time.
NYC-er: "OMG! It's sooo cold today!!"
Upstate-er: "What's the temperature?"
NYC-er: "It's like 40 degrees!!"
Upstate-er: "And that's cold???"
NYC-er: "Yea it is! It's too cold to drive ferociously like the PMS-like middle-aged bitches that NYC ladies are. I'm freezing!! And you-shut the hell up"

Upstater hits NYCer in the head with a 4x4.
by RPIkid June 07, 2005
Any place above Westchester, NY is considered upstate NY. Upstate New Yorkers usually have to answer questions like " Do you have a New York accent?"," Is it crowded there?","Do you live on 5th Avenue?"

The answers to all of these are NO! lol New York has a lot more to offer than just the city. Ever considered that ya punk?!
Me: Hey Im from New York
You: OMG U are? Is it crowded there?

*cracks your skull*
by a smart brunette October 05, 2003
Contrary to what many here seem to believe, there is more to NY than NYC/Long Island/"Upstate". People over 20 miles south of Albany do not generally consider themselves upstate, and sometimes take offense to being told so by people from NYC. Currently, the upsate economy is sadly depressing, but one can still see the remnants of the beautiful area full of character that once was Upstate New York in Saratoga especially.
Poughkeepsie isn't upstate, bastard.
by Mingreyy August 07, 2005
Upstate New York refers to that portion of New York State which is not part of the New York City Metropolitan area. There is some debate as to the southernmost point of Upstate New York, but a general consensus exists that anything north of Westchester and Rockland Counties qualifies.

Upstate New York differs from Long Island, New York City, and Westchester/Rockland in a number of ways, among them: 1) Lower population density; 2) Lower socioeconomic status; 3) More conservative politics; 4) Midwestern accent and culture; 5) Colder winters with much greater snow totals.
Upstate New York has been in decline, economically, for many decades. Many of its cities, such as Schenectady and Buffalo, have experienced substantial de-population since the mid-20th Century. As a result, many Upstate New York residents harbor a great deal of resentment towards "Downstate".
It snows in Upstate New York, almost non-stop, from November to April.
by John Weinerman March 07, 2010
For those who think normally, it is the geographical upper half of New York, containing 50% of the land area.
For idiots, it is anything in New York that isn't New York City, which contains over 99% of the total land area in the state.
Many people consider Westchester, NY to be part of upstate New York, but those people are idiots because the only places that are south of Westchester in New York are New York City and Long Island.
by A guy on a hill July 31, 2011

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