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A technique used for those who have low self-esteem or need attention. It is a trick to have someone say "What's up sexy?" to you. Read the example below to learn how to perform this.

Warning: For the slow, this may take some time to comprehend so patience is required when using this technique.
"How was the upsexy?"
"What's upsexy?"
"Nothing much you?" *wink*
by HollaHollaHey November 14, 2011
It's how you get someone to say whats up sexy?
Your talking to the girl you have the hots for...for example Sydney is Kyle's!

Kyle says "you hear about that upsexy thats going on at school"
Sydney says "whats upsexy"

Its how you get your "sydney" on your d ;)
by STEVEYYYY February 22, 2012
The same as updog, but for if your a girl, dont want to be called a dog (or dawg), or are looking to be called sexy. Also for boredom, entertainment, or to point and laugh at anyone who doesnt get it.
Girl: wow there is really so much upsexy in here
*boy playing xbox and not paying attention*
Girl: OMG theres upsexy getting all over your xbox!!
Boy*frantic*: huh? where? whats upsexy?
Girl: not much. how about you?
by m1dn1ghtday December 13, 2011
Something nubs don't get. Cough Adam.
Whats upsexy?

by lawlniq September 18, 2011
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