A very nice person in my class who I love to death. "GIRL FRIENDS!!!" <---thats for u and someone else but I thought I'd add it anyway. She's a sweety and even though she chooses the worst guys, she can still get whoever she wants cuz she's so pretty and cuz her body's too bootylicious for ya babe. I dont think ur ready for this jelly, I don't think ur ready for this jelly, I dont think ur ready for this cuz her body's too bootylicious for ya.

Anyways, she's also very generous because if she ever has extra money and u need it, she lends it. And whenever she's pissed at something, she gets over it easily. Luv ya Uppali.
"That is such an uppal thing!"
by ~someonewhowroteabaddefinitionb4 February 15, 2005
Top Definition
1. A turtle
2. A haircut (mushroom cut)
3. A SS teacher
1. Uppals are slow.
2. Hey, look at that guys uppal cut!
3. 'Hate the government'
by M*A*S*H January 09, 2005
A very funny but annoying bit\otch in my class who likes to go out with fobs and has alot of talent in other things and is very nice to everyone but hates a girl in grade nine. No names given.
by Beautiful February 15, 2005
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