A man that shovels another mans turds with his cock while still nestled in the anal cavity of the other man's corn chute.
Boy, did you see that uphill gardener dancing like a fairy at the bar last night?
by stillboy615 October 13, 2007
Paul Freeman
Paul Freeman was shoveling shit uphill on Friday in the Duke car park.
by Sharmane Ultra November 28, 2003
a human male who partakes in gardening in furrows he shouldn't be according to mother nature.
burrow is an uphill gardener
shut up, you uphill gardener
by Anonymous January 27, 2003
A man that enjoys another mans penis in both his tubes.
Do you know that guy in the office who talks in a high voice, cant throw a ball properly and has semen on his chin. Well I reckon he is an 'Uphill Gardener'
by Mista F January 28, 2004
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