Someone who pushes shit against the force of gravity, other definitions include a trouser pilot,cock jock or bum raider.
If God wanted you to push poo uphill he would have given you a wheelbarrow!
by Tom February 27, 2004
Top Definition
In Viz comic's Profanosaurus, it was defined rather elegantly as 'he who hoes at the pink allotment'
This constitutes culpable discrimination against those who hoe at the pink allotment
by philip June 09, 2004
A skilled horticuluturalist who works on steep inclines.
Well I'm no expert on fauna, but I think you need to get an uphill gardener in to deal with all these weeds.
by Roger McTodger November 18, 2006
A fag that enjoys fucking men up the asshole
I caught Jason beating off to gay porn; he's an uphill gardener
by microsoft_bastard March 24, 2003
A Man who partakes in anal sex with another Man.
Jeff and Bob were Up-Hill Gardening all night last night. I couldn't get a wink of sleep.
by Frankie Vaughan December 12, 2003
A term that describes a bloke who uses his tool on a gradiant or a mucky slope
woman:that bloke likes you mate
dude:Zomg hes an Uphill gardener
by b1nn7 August 28, 2006
a Chutney Ferret, Marmite Miner or, more simply, BumGay.

Man on man action.
'Look at Az the Spaz, what an uphill Gardener
by SirSandGoblin July 15, 2003
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