Referring to a state of mind. to be up there iz like saying you're kinda lost on tha outside but on tha inside you know where you want to be or how to come to tha conclusion.

Up There= Up in your head; Brainstorming; thinking
by Thebonafidegiant December 01, 2009
Top Definition
Being ridiculously fly wearing nothing but the best. A captain in the game, a goon in the squad, being Up There means you stay fresh to death and live life above the clouds!
He's rocking that new Up There apparel?? That dude gets FLY.
by eriqui February 18, 2011
When somebody is fairly high, e.g. after having smoked a very strong strain, or after having smoked a few bowls in a short amount of time. Also can apply to smoking a normal amount, but taking VERY LARGE tokes.
Andrew: How high are you?
Billy: I'm up there.

Alexis: Oh. My. Gawd. Are you high, Sidney?
Sidney: ...I'm up there.
by fubsish October 19, 2009
when someone has a small amount of authority but acts as though he is sudden the king ruling over everyone.
acting both domineering and overpowering at the same time.
unable to deal with the pressures that come with leadership
wow, now that sam has become class president, he acts very up there right?

can you stop being so up there, none of us can take it.
by chimericanboy June 19, 2009
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