When used in Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicago, Up North refers to the rural areas of northern Wisconsin. This is in contrast to folks from Southern Illinois, who simply mean "chicago" when they say "up north". Up North, Outdoors activities are popular and devotion the the Green Bay Packers is religious, as is a hatred of the Minnesota Vikings. Beer (and usually awful beer such as Milwaukee's Best) is consumed like a daily medication. its incredibly easy for a standard middle class family in Chicago or Milwaukee to own a cottage Up North and have vacations there -- Land is cheap and the winters are brutal. Wisconsinites and Chicagoans simply refer to Michigan's upper Peninsula as "the U.P." and not as Up North. In this author's opinion, Up North is a neat place to visit and chill out and have fun basically doing nothing. Its weridly awesome shooting bottles with rifles, having huge bonfires, and you can by half-sticks of dynamite from "the indians" for a few bucks. there's one sherrif for an entire county so all sorts of debauchery happens up north.

The culture up north is north woods culture or up north culture, or at least thats what its called. Basically, its hicks. Up North is, all things considered, a complete cultural backwater. Door County is different, sitting on Wisconsin's Door Peninsula the place is super touristy and crammed with yuppies who think they're roughing it because they have a rustic cottage.

Wisconsin Dell's is a little town thats basically a series of waterparks, along with hotels that also have lots of waterpark type ammenities and tons of tourist trap type spots. the Dells is never really referred to as Up North, but simply The Dells. Mostly nauseating, trips to the dells are usually only worth it if its a day trip to Noah's Ark, which is a pretty decent waterpark. Suburban Yuppies and rural hicks are convinced that the dells are the shit.
I'm goin' up north cause its huntin' season, ya know?

Up North is dotted with dairy farms cause the soil is shitty except for growing ginseng (no lie) and the weather doesnt suck for dairy cows. Folks from Up North usually call it "up nort'"
by Jack Ransom December 22, 2006
When a man's penis, whether hard or not, is pointing upwards in his pants against his stomach. Usually happens when laying down, but is most uncomfortable standing up.
*whispers to Dalton sitting next to him in class* Dude, I'm up so up north right now, but I don't want anyone to see me adjust myself.
by poophed February 13, 2014
North of Yonkers
He got sent up north/up the river
by What's Mah Name January 19, 2004
The upper peninsula of Michigan.
Up north is a virtual mystery to those of us from the lower peninsula.
by JenThe80'sFan May 12, 2004
The north of England. Anywhere from Northumbria south to Derbyshire. Home to a bunch of inbred mutants, and the League Of Gentlemen. Wierd people.
Northerner: Aye ther, oim from oop naurth. Me 'usband's me broother.

Me: Piss off!
by godjesus January 22, 2004
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