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anything you want
UNTZ, thats cool. UNTZ man, you suck!!!
by whasup June 07, 2010
Untz.ca: The name of a social networking site in Toronto, ON, previous called ginogina.ca. Members of untz are varied in every way, and unique in all ways except for the fact they all live vicariously through the internet. The outstanding feature is the forum, full of people who are angry, repressed, and bitching about nothing whatsoever.
"Hey, did you see sexymami @ untz.ca?"
"I met her at Boston Pizza!"
"She's so hot."
"yeah, but shes such a bitch in the forums"
by pixiejuice22 November 28, 2009
Can be caught while listening to Buckwheat sing, "Three Times A Lady"
"Untz...Tice...Tee Times a Yady"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
Alternate term for townie coming from the sound made by the music played in their stupid cars at a stupidly loud volume. Townies hate it.
(cool people standing across street from townies)
<cool person 1> "OI UNTZ!"
<cool person 2> does pisstake beatbox "untz untz untz untz"
by schmuckman January 08, 2005
the omnipotent word symbolising how the entire world feels at any particular time.. got good untz? how are you untzing today?
- doctors untz; i'm feeling heroic

- buggers untz drefts; i'm feeling slightly below par

- uuunnntttzzzz, please mrs ades; my man jam doth flow freely in these tight shorts
by richuntz February 26, 2004