is like a master keeping the bone from the mouth watering dog
i like herm but she is my unrequited.
by schmuck July 03, 2004
Top Definition
Only the most painful thing a young individual can go through, up to and including shitting out lego.
Unreturned love, for those of you with a less poetic nature!
Person 1: Unrequited love hurts more than shitting out plastic bricks.
Person 2: You've shat plastic bricks? You sick bastard!
by notachav January 19, 2006
The only love I know.
"Beyond mere attraction, how do you expect someone to actually fall in love with you? Why, the notion is preposterous." --Oswald T. Pratt
by David Mitchell June 13, 2004
Most commonly used when referring to a strong romantic feeling for someone that is not returned. This is often due to a one sided platonic relationship.
A relationship is often built up in ones head, only to find out that the other person does not feel the same way, therefore it is unrequited.
“Nothing kills the taste of peanut butter quite like unrequited love” ~Charlie Brown
by pseudonym October 07, 2004
someone you love or are infactuated with who does not feel the same way back.
james is my unrequited, he doesn't love me back.
by ollie March 03, 2004
Every one has one, and most people are one!

A person who you cant seem to get out of your head, but they prefare to spend there time talking about some twat who treats them like shit!
"in the end it took me a dictionary, to find out the meaning of unrequited, while she was giving herself for free, at a party to which I was never invited!" - Billy Bragg
by slash March 14, 2004
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