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1. a mythical whore
2.A newly discovered whore, who one thought before was not a whore.
1.I would totally like bang zelda, too bad shes a uniwhore.
2.Last night Christine lost her backdoor virginity and was totally being a uniwhore.

3. The pimp didn't turn her into a uniwhore, she was already a uniwhore.
by bpgin October 17, 2009
Similar to mono-slut... being a whore with only one person, instead of several
I promise to be such a uni-whore with you after we're married and I have lost my virginity.
by Jessica Nichole December 18, 2003
A person who sells sexual favors to unicorns in exchange for glitter and rainbows.
Dude, she's not being nice to you because she likes you - she wants you for your glitter. I've seen that uniwhore go home with half the unicorns in this bar.
by BrianaCharisse January 27, 2011
A brony, or someone who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, that is a female and refuses to be a pegasister or a brony, usually because they don't want to be a "Pegasus pony" (Pegasister) or an Earth pony (brony/hoeny), so they are a Uniwhore.
Iris: OMG I love My Little Pony!
Brony 1 and Brony 2: FLUTTERYAY a Pegasister!
Iris: No! I am not a pegasister!
Brony 1: Are you a brony?
Brony 2: A hoeny?
Iris: NO! I'm a uniwhore.
by Freeze the Psycho Kitty November 20, 2012
A promiscous woman attending a college or university; a college slut
Dude, you need to get laid. Just find any sorority uniwhore and you'll be set for the night.
by Alfa Kenny Body April 27, 2010
a unicorn that is a whore
often used when you are bored
Omg, a uniwhore is over there with her master!
by KKKKKKKK October 27, 2007

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