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A pretty cool country with a not-so-cool President. A ton of the population is Christian, lots of guys are obsessed with sports, hunting, and/or racing, lots of fat rednecks, etc. Maybe 85% of the population is made up of intelligent people, while the other 15% includes people like our President. Many other countries bash the U.S., thinking that we're all stupid. Not so. We're pretty dang rich and powerful, but we should donate to, like, the needy. And the environment.
President: Let's go to Iraq because a group of terrorists who blew up some towers say they're from Iraq.

Japanese/British/French/etc. person: The United States of
America sucks! If you're from the U.S. you're an idiot! Your IQ is, like, 10!

Foreign Internet Nerd Hacker Person: i will hack the united states of america!... here we go... aw crap firewalls.
by drowningfish March 01, 2008
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Also known as America, USA, United States, or The States; it is often the center of stereotypes and misunderstanding.

No. Not everyone in the country is fat. In fact, Germany has more overweight people than the United States.

No. Not everyone is arrogant and self-centered. Just like every single effing country on the planet, America has it's share. But many many people are kind hearted and thoughtful

No. Not everyone is a gun-toting crazy bastard. The United States may be high in crime, but there are more than 300 million people spread through out the country. Many foreigners come to America thinking they'd have the freedom to take someone else's freedom away.

No. Not everyone is stupid. Without America, you wouldn't have the internet you are on right now. Without America, planes wouldn't be as developed, or even invented. The US has a mix of millions of people from around the world: their knowledge combined.

Yes. The United States is having some financial problems. So is everyone else! Give the country a break! Only being 235 years old, already being a superpower, and fighting in 2 World Wars, you have to give them some credit. The countries in Europe existed for thousands of years. They had thousands of years to get their government in check.

The United States of America has come very far. The people have different cultures in different areas; from New England, to California: everything and everyone is different. Don't judge on stereotypes.
"The United States of America sucks. I'm moving."
"Everyone is fat, stupid, and lazy!"
". . . So are a bunch of people in Canada, Europe, and Asia."
by animime November 21, 2011
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Oh god don't get me started on the USA! It's the worst country in the world. Around 3% of them are normal people. The 97% are one or more of the following: "gangstas", racists, gang bangers, dumbasses, over patriotic! Everybody hates america! And they especially hate George Bush. He's ruined that country! Iraq, 9/11, 7/7 all because of USA!
English Representative: Hey ur from the united states of america aint ya! See we english don't speak posh and retarded like we do in ur films!

American Representative: Oh yea. Oh well i am too dumb to think your normal!
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located in North America between Canada and Mexico, it used to be a great place, and it still is, sort of.

has a lot of problems stupid people in the government don't know how to fix because they are obsessed with power. the only place where more and more money is dumped into union schools and kids still get lower test scores(solution: charter schools, but union leaders are too fucked up in the head to realize what's right). a lot of people around the world now hate us, and they don't have a good reason to. america is the world's policeman. what power would have stopped Hitler from taking over the world, huh?

home to various races, and the government here is more racist than the people.

media is everything, and entertainment is one of our main focuses over being productive.

trashy people are everywhere, but there are a lot of good people too.

America: good and bad!
Am I proud to be an American? uh...yeah...ok

United States of America: home of the...most obese pop.?


The US is pretty much going down the drain.
by epitomeofawesome1 November 24, 2011
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Greatest country in the world!
If you're from here, then dont complain because you have no idea how bad other countries have it!
If you're not from here, then dont complain about us because you're probably some idiot that opens their mouth without thinking first and you probably have never been here!
Foreigner: The United States of America is full of ass holes that like to go to war!
American: Shut up! You've never been here! We have freedom!
by suckmycondom June 09, 2011
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The one place in the world who can send back immigrants in relief aid situations.
The one place that can contribute relief aid to devastated countries by sending back their immigrants

Hey man, did you hear about that earthquake in Mexico last Thursday?

Nope, don't think I did.

It was a bad one, killed roughly 500,000 people.

Goodness Gracious!!

Yes, yes very devastating. The good thing is that Great Britain sent $2,000,000 in relief funds, spain sent $500,000, and the United States of America sent replacement Mexicans.

I am proud to be an Americano!
by NAD216 August 29, 2011
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The Worlds only Real Superpower. The toughest mother fuckers on earth. Everyone is hard workin, gets there jobs done, and fucks up any contry that screws with it.
Hey have you heard about the united states of america? do you think (radiated Japaneese man)
by Silver Soldier November 30, 2011
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A country founded as a melting pot which became the most racist shit hole ever to walk the earth. One Hispanic alone will be made fun of by white trash goverment ruling mother fuckers. FUCK AMERICA.
Dude where you moving.
United States of America.
Don't, it's a piece of shit, move to Canada. No ones racist there.
I finally understand.
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
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