The country every asshole in the world, both inside and outside, like to bitch and moan about. Constantly mocked by these same assholes for its highly religious population comparable to the rest of the world, as well as its obligation to protect every individual's right to own a firearm. Other unfunny joke material include the United States' healthcare system, which unlike other countries doesn't make you fucking wait for eternity to visit the doctor, and our no bullshit attitude towards terrorist threats.

This is of course until shit hits the fan and they need tons of aid money or a stronger military force to bail them out, which usually ends up being the United States' job
An asshole, if the United States intervenes in a foreign conflict: "The United States shouldn't be policing the world!"

An asshole, if the United States doesn't intervene in a foreign conflict: "The United States is ignoring the plight of these less fortunate countries!"

An asshole, if the United States ends up saving their country AGAIN: ".......I'll pretend this never happened."
by Jman1991 December 24, 2010
A country more well-known as the US, America, or The Free World. It is a nation that is composed of many different regions, with big cities and major metropolises scattered across all of them. Here is a list of the biggest cities in each region below.
-New England: Boston, MA
-Mid-Atlantic: New York City and Philadelphia, PA
-Southern East Coast: Charlotte, NC and Norfolk, VA
-Deep South: Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL
-Lower Mississippi River Valley: New Orleans, LA and Memphis, TN
-Upper South: Nashville, TN
-Lower Midwest: Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH
-East-Central Midwest: Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, OH
-Great Lakes: Cleveland, OH, Detroit, MI,Chicago, IL, and Milwaukee, WI
-Upper Mississippi River Valley: St. Louis, MO and Minneapolis, MN
-Far Midwest/Northern Plains: Omaha, NE, Kansas City, MO, and Fargo, ND
-Southwest/Southern Plains: Oklahoma City, OK, Phoenix, AZ, Dallas and Houston, TX
-Rocky Mountains: Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT
-West Coast/Pacific Northwest: Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA
The United States of America consists of a vast landscape, and is roughly half the size of Russia in land mass.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 23, 2005
Best country in the world, also home to some of the biggest dumbfucks in the world (For example: Fox "News", Rush Limbaugh, the ENTIRE Republican party). Also home to the best food on the planet: Chinese AND Mexican food
I wanted to know the truth, but when i came to the United States Fox "News" and its bullshit tricked me
by America eff ya March 03, 2010
The most powerful country in the world due to the highly intelligent and motivated efforts of people that have migrated over the years from every part of the planet in search of opportunity and a better standard of living.
George Washington
by Sean C. Eastman June 25, 2004
The land of ignorant people. A place where people don't know about the neighboring states, think Africa is jungle, believe Europe is a country, and assume that all Asians are Chinese.
-"That stupid person just asked me if in Africa we live in trees and have pet elephants, I wonder where he is from."

-"He must be from the United States!"
by Truth01 May 31, 2009
Also Known as USA, United States of America
An oil hungry entity, known to scavenge all over the globe for new preying grounds. Uses special tactics of lying about WMDs and axis of evil as excuses to gozzle more oil.
Country of gun totting toddlers, who shoot classmates as a pasttime. Also country of confused voters, who become legally blonde every election year.
1. That car is crazy on gas consumption, was it made in the USA
2. Another kid went US yesterday, took down 40 of his classmates without blinking
3.The United States is in search of oil again, I thinl Tukmenistan is next.
by MelvinHenry May 22, 2008
world's number one terrorist state
The United States committs more acts of state terrorism than all the other terrorist states in the world.
by sityourpunkassdown April 17, 2007
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