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a bunch of people on the wotd comments page who are upset with the recent changes made to the commenting process and made a universal account. or just more anonymous kids on the internet making fun of people knowing they won't be held accountable.
MarkishMark said something retarded (again) and within minutes of his post hundreds of kids posted various threats, insults and witty (sarcasm) name changes such as MarkSKIDMark under the tag of United Spammers.
by Guuuuuuury September 23, 2008
A crew of ugly fat virgins who live in their mom's basements. There lineup consists of a fat man with herpes on mental disability- a fat 36 year old virgin from texas and a whore mother.

They're nobodies and have no life and sit on urban dictionary 365 days a year leaving comments all day.
The biggest losers you remember are United Spammers.
by Siamese. January 28, 2009
United Spammers (n) - A person or group that is dedicated to posting some of the dumbest shit on Urban Dictionary. Takes anonymous and takes a big shit on it.

The group consists of:
- A homosexual idiot that likes to talk about having sex with himself.
- A queer nigger that hates other queer niggers.
- Another guy sexually attracted to chloesprite, a man who gets lulz by posing as a girl. Obviously the idiot that hits on this git has mental probems.

Anyone wanting to be this fag should log-in using

e-mail -
pass - unitedspammers
What do you get when you combine a queer nigger, asshole, pervert, and retard?

United Spammers

We is the way!
by Memento Mori AnatomyotW October 23, 2008
An Urban dictionary Editor account that was started August 31, 2008 as a response to Urban Dictionary making you log into your editor account in order to post comments in hopes that it would reduce spam. It has garnished a lot of popularity since then.

The average comment from United Spammers includes boob,s vagina, dicks, sex, buttsecks, jizz, cum, etc. often in response to something chloesprite, markishmark (nicknamed "markSKIDmark" by United Spammers) or cranky lexiconologist (nicknamed cranky gynaecologist also by United Spammers)

Urban Dictionary put a limit on how many comments each account can post, most likely in response to United Spammers. United Spammers 2 was created so there could be more spam. UNITED QUEER NIGGERS, and QUEERUnitedSpammers2NiGGER are also spin-off accounts.

Everyone other than United Spammers themselves have appeared to have shown their disdain for them, but that only encourages them to post more crude comments. They do actually give critiques of the word, but in a sexual manner.

At these moment, they should be #16 on the top contributing editors list, but aren't featured there at all. A request was made from United Spammers to fairly include them, but seeing how everyone wants them gone, it's not likely that Urban Dictionary will give them any attention.

However, they give themselves attention, which is why there is a definition about them.
I have a lot of FUD about my mum finding out i love dads cock. Alot of the time i look over my shoulder and see if shes their, all i see is dads muscular body thrusting the shaft of his erect penis into my sphinkter. I like it when i lick the goopy excrement off, I like it.

A United Spammers comment on the word fud, October 2.
by ABCDEF DJ October 13, 2008
A 43 year old virgin, who has multiple insecurities. He sits on his computer for hours trying to insult people. His content is overused and second rate.
John: Who is this United Spammers?

Andy: Some bitch, I guess.
by United Spammerbitch November 08, 2008
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