Unionville girls have an awful reputation of being sluts... Hmmmm.... If only the people who were writing this definition actually knew what they were talking about... Unionville is a very diverse school. Sure, we are all tired of seeing the cheap fake Ugg boots worn tastelessly with that ugly mini-skirt. And yes, we all love to watch how girls think its cool to wear a thong up above the jeans that are currently cutting off their circulation. But if only someone wrote about the other half of unionville girls...

My friends and I go under THIS definition:
A Unionville girl is always there for her friends, and knows that chocolate is the ultimate bandaid, especially when combined with a girls night in. They actually wear clothes tastefully, and when in doubt: wear your pajamas. They get angry when the girls breaking the dress code are not yelled at for flashing the entire school...

Real Unionville girls hate the sluts who walk around school acting like they own it. They hate the freshmen because they all dress like sluts, and we secretly laugh at them because we know they r going to get a rude awakening.

A real unionville girl knows that she doesn't need those sad excuses for the skimpy choice of guys available to make her happy. A real unionville girl understands that when life gets tough, your friends' phones are always on. Real people from unionville love living where they do - in the middle of nowhere. And if you don't you belong in a mall, you slut... Those of you who put those awful definitions in here, you are obviously one of those sad excuses for human beings that you so easily defined.
You know you're from Unionville when...
Your neighbor is just a horseride across the cornfield
An exciting night is cowtipping off of 842
You secretly laugh at the slutty freshmen who think they are cool when they are making a fool of themselves...
You'd much rather spend time with your girlfriends at the Landhope then go shopping...
You live here and you wouldn't have it any other way

If you don't fit that description - go move to Kennet. Either that or stop trying to be ghetto, because you're whiter than Josh Toban...
by horschic826 December 29, 2004
Lives in Unionville and goes to their friends or boyfriends house to get high or drink because they have so much money they can. Wear rediculously expensive clothing or pretend they do by purchasing one expensive piece of clothing and wearing it all the time. Drive a Beamer or crappy Jetta and think they are hott shit cause they do. Then wear slutty clothing to school and hit on their male teachers to get good grades.
You know you go to U-ville when the cheapest car in the parking lot is the teachers.
Or if going to the Concord Mall isn't cool because there isn't an Abercrombie store.
by thank god i dont go there anymore December 30, 2004
so its really sad how everyone is fighting about unionville.

the fact is, unionville is full of labels and sterotypes.
and every student in the school tries to fit everyone else in to one.

98% of unionville is fake. and if you go there or don't go there, thats the truth.

drugs are everywhere. but whre are they not? people in this school are snobs. you can't have an intellegent conversation with 99% of the school.

unionville also is full of sluts and whores.
you walk down the hallway, and you see the following-
way too much skin.
preps, preps and more preps.
too much hollister.

i'm from chicago. i'm one of the only people in unionville who knows what the outside world is like. its not at all like unionville. when your in unionville, other than the school, the most exciting thing is landhope.

its just a fricken gas station.

most of unionville is fake.
thats the truth.
unionville girls are fake.
by i'm katie. February 06, 2008
Characterized by a completely provinicial outlook on the world around them. Often very ditzy; although they make up for it with SATprep course after SATprep course (and any other cocurricular activities, classes, etc. that their mommy and daddy can force them into). Throw parties where a lot of preppy white kids who don't know how to drink end up passed out in the bathrooms covered in their own vomit, or on their parents leather couch, carrying on the most trite conversations that mankind has ever witnessed. Enjoy shopping at Victoria Secret, although they are generally anorexic to the point of being breastless -- thereby nullifying any use for a bra. They gossip like its their job, not that the gossip is ever any good, but because they have nothing better to do. Statistically they are overacheivers, because their UpperMiddleclass Uncultured Conservative parents tell them they have to, or else they will take away their brandnew IPod.

Oh, and above all; Rich, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants, Who've been catered to their whole life and will probably never realize what the real world is like because they will never actually see it (because mommy and daddy would disown them, god-forbid, they ever take a drive to Upper Darby or Wilmington, let alone the 'bad' areas of West Chester).
The best examples can be seen by taking a drive to Walmart, Starbucks, or one of the fucking sorryass football games. You've got to see it to believe it.
by hod22 January 09, 2005
1. those defined in early definitions. 2. those who feel good about themselves trying to defend their arrogance with annoyance. I'd rather be a hoe than a poser..
"those of you who wrote these obviously fit the description that you so easily defined.... a real unionville girl knows that she doesnt need to dress up like a slut, or degrade herself in anyway to do that.... that description matched every single freshmen girl this year.... sad but tru.... by now we have all learned that we have a bad rep for some reason.

thanks to you idiots who stereotyped innocent girls because you decided to make fun of us.... thanks for defacing us all..... god... maybe its time you grow up and learn that those ugly ugg boots will never look good now matter how u wear them (especially when u wear them wit a miniskirt....) and no matter how hard u try, u will never make black hair with blonde streaks a trend... and u will realize that the excessive makeup makes u look about as attractive as a hooker....

and acting like ur black wont make u black.... move 2 kennet if u want 2 pretend 2 be ghetto.... around here, we are about as black as josh toban...

i hate everyone who a) fullfills this stereotype and b) put those evil definitions up"

are you trying to look smart? It's a joke. Get over it.
by Get Over Yourself December 29, 2004
Sheltered little girls who think if they go "party" (which really means passing out in a bathroom, throwing up all over the place, or getting into fights with your so-called "friends")then they're cool. Ignorant people who don't understand that other people with not as much money as they have may not deserve being poor: they don't realize that many people are put into circumstances beyond their control where it is close to impossible to make a decent living. Girls that, if they themselves had not been blessed with financially responsible parents, would have realized the situation of poverty in America and actually been inspired to do something about it. They're "smart", but in the book way, and a lot of them work their asses off to succeed in school. They're not better than anyone, even though they may think they are. They're no better than, god forbid, the (gasp) ghetto people! They've just been put into better circumstances.
"So you're a Unionville Girl? So that means you're a rich whore, right?"~Any Kennett Person
by literate_and_informed January 30, 2005
uglee-azz preps who think that tha whole wurld revolvez around thEm n have no good tazte in musiic. they claiim 2 lyk rap ND rock. they strive 2 be exactly lyk paris hilton nd/or barbie. they r really rich nd makez sure every1 knos it. they think itz hott 2 have sex w. every guy whos sumwhere on the "popularity scale"

u r a "unionville girl" if u shop @:
victorias secret
forever 21
american eagle

they also type lyk thiz b-cuz they think itz hott.
"i tried to get sum last night from ken but he left early!"

by wouldntyoulike2know December 18, 2004
well i see that all these unionville girls are on here typing things about them selves so i figured i'd hel clear some things up. yes...everyone including the BOYS not only the girls at unionville drinks and/or smokes beacuse there is nothing else to do look we are all teens and thats what we do! also, everyone typing things on here are from unionville so obvioulsy they are also drinking/smoking, and if u arent think about y we do it...maybe because there is nothing better to do, just try and come up with one thing that we can do other then that, and dont say chill at "painters" you see "painters" is a good place to go see a movie not sit around like the middle schoolers do thinking we are cool. also we do wear low jeans with our thongs hanging out this is beacuse 90% of u'ville girls are hott there for we have the rite to
unionville girls = every other teenage girl
by the REALtruth December 29, 2004

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