Unionville girls have an awful reputation of being sluts... Hmmmm.... If only the people who were writing this definition actually knew what they were talking about... Unionville is a very diverse school. Sure, we are all tired of seeing the cheap fake Ugg boots worn tastelessly with that ugly mini-skirt. And yes, we all love to watch how girls think its cool to wear a thong up above the jeans that are currently cutting off their circulation. But if only someone wrote about the other half of unionville girls...

My friends and I go under THIS definition:
A Unionville girl is always there for her friends, and knows that chocolate is the ultimate bandaid, especially when combined with a girls night in. They actually wear clothes tastefully, and when in doubt: wear your pajamas. They get angry when the girls breaking the dress code are not yelled at for flashing the entire school...

Real Unionville girls hate the sluts who walk around school acting like they own it. They hate the freshmen because they all dress like sluts, and we secretly laugh at them because we know they r going to get a rude awakening.

A real unionville girl knows that she doesn't need those sad excuses for the skimpy choice of guys available to make her happy. A real unionville girl understands that when life gets tough, your friends' phones are always on. Real people from unionville love living where they do - in the middle of nowhere. And if you don't you belong in a mall, you slut... Those of you who put those awful definitions in here, you are obviously one of those sad excuses for human beings that you so easily defined.
You know you're from Unionville when...
Your neighbor is just a horseride across the cornfield
An exciting night is cowtipping off of 842
You secretly laugh at the slutty freshmen who think they are cool when they are making a fool of themselves...
You'd much rather spend time with your girlfriends at the Landhope then go shopping...
You live here and you wouldn't have it any other way

If you don't fit that description - go move to Kennet. Either that or stop trying to be ghetto, because you're whiter than Josh Toban...
by horschic826 December 29, 2004
Simply put we KICK ASS. That's right. KICK ASS! We've got our princesses, nerds, and athletes, all of which are talented in what they do. If you hate us, get a clue, it's because you're jealous, duh. If we dress slutty, you're jealous that we turn the guys on. If we dont dress like whores but we wear nice clothes, you're jealous that we have the money to do so. And if you're jealous that we have the money to do so, shut yo face and quit bitching! Most of our parents have worked their way up and hold respectable jobs at DuPont or in Wilmington, and their children will follow thier lead with the headstart they've provided, maybe you should do aspire to the same instead of whining about people who have more than you do, and im NOT just talking about money. We know how to party, because we can afford to do it so often- and in such lavish style. And get a clue...If you go to college like 97% of our KICK ASS student body does, when you see one of us, wave hello...most of us are actually pretty nice for being as intimidatingly perfect as we are!
A Unionville Girl : One who manages to balance being perfect with kicking ass and having fun.
by TellYourDadISayHello January 16, 2005
HAHAHA this websit is the BEST!! I do go to Unionville and it seems like EVERYTHING I just saw is 100% TRUE! The freshman that come in want to be more slutty then the last bunch. But to everyone that says that your a "Unionville Girl" if you go shopping at, Hollister, Victorias Secret, Abercrombie, Forever 21, American Eagle, ect. excuse me, but I do believe the girls from Avon Grove and Kennett and a LOT of other schools ALSO shop there... are they all sluts also?...I dont think so. Just becuase you go shopping somewhere, that DOESNT make you a slut. I think all you people need to take a GOOD look at Unionville and the girls, not all of them wear thongs hanging out of there jeans. Yes, some do... but I dont think that they do it so guys look at them. I sure as hell dont! There are a LOT of people in Unionville who like to show off there money in cars and clothes, but you know what... one day mommy and daddy arent going to be there, and they will have to grow up, finally. I personally hate going to Unionville, I do wish that I went to a school where there are more then white people walking down the halls everyday. If you want to talk about one SLUT in Unionville how about you pull the name BROOKE out of a hat. I believe everyone knows who I'm talking about.
the school is full of fakes but also some REAL people... take a good look around before you start to judge us next time.
by i hate unionville January 13, 2005
I just want to know one thing...

Unionville girls are slutty and whores and bitches. They get ass from different guys every time they go to a party and get "drunk".

So I'm assuming this applies to the 9 year olds in the Elementary School then as well....?

That's what I thought...

---Stereo types are bogus.
by nope. January 29, 2005
I go to unionville high school. Howerver, I live in Chadds Ford. I have to admit its two different worlds within 5 miles apart. I agree that every year the girls get worse, dress like sluts, and try to out sleep each other. Yea most the kids in our school do drugs. But hey, name any school who doesnt have some kid doing crack in the bathroom. So we have our red necks and no matter what you will end up at landhope. Just look at your own school. You have the same girls right in your own halls. Just dont judge chadds ford girls, we actually mix with other schools. But hey this is all really funny to me. I wish the other girls would just lighten up about it.
Its all about the Dramma

Chadds Ford~ a world away from Unionville
by Sarah May 06, 2005
I am former unionville girl. I own the thongs, the shirts, and the jeans, though i am proud to say mine were only one size to small i date older men or younger but god forbid my age i have a 3.5 gpa my scars faded. Wanna call uville girls hoes yeah most of us our the rest of us only wish we were.
By the way, I am a virgin
by The Crow January 10, 2005
everyone stop complaining!! the ones who are complaining are prolly the ones who fit the damn stereotype!! so shut up!
stop complaing ahhh!!
by umm December 30, 2004

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