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The tears wept by a unicorn, an elusive item that is hard to come by. Once a unicorn sheds a tear, it dies within the hour. Making Unicorn Tears a rare/expensive item to posses.
A car like that, is about as expensive has unicorn tears.
by Greg1973 October 12, 2014
Framboise Lambic. As described by the ever-lovely Joanna Newsom.
'My favourite drink would be frmboise lambic, because it tastes like unicorn tears.
by snowhen May 29, 2011
A magical potion that does absolutely nothing, but is sought after nonetheless by suckers who never figured out that the Easter Bunny isn't real.
Step right up folks, we have here some vials of Unicorn Tears for the low, low price of $145. They are guaranteed to cure absolutely everything that could possibly ail you, just ask my associate, a former leper amputee who was saved by their magic. Get 'em quick, because we'll be leaving town in a hurry at about 3AM tomorrow morning.
by No Side Effects July 28, 2008
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