shit that is never going to happen
Q: have you heard the latest unicorn porn?
A: what is it?
Q: they say on fox news that obama is going to hand over power to the king of england.
by theo_ny April 25, 2009
Unicorn Porn is for people with obsessions with unicorns and or rainbows. If you know what unicorn porn is, you will also know what "cornify" means. An example of unicorn porn (that is safe for work)
Bill watched unicorn porn last night, he couldn't stop hitting that "cornify" button.
by mctenold July 17, 2009
the hottest subject between cool people from wilson.
if you watch unicorn porn your the shit!!! unicorn porn is often watched when having a unicorgy. its really fun especially hot unicorn sex with a human girl and then 1 person gets pregnant with a half unicorn half human lesbian love baby :]
hannah and frankie watched unicorn porn to turn them and their pet unicorn on b4 hot sex!
by frankiehannahunicorn May 20, 2008

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