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Another word for tanga (stupid) or gago (dumb ass) as curse words in the philippines. Used mainly to insult someone who makes blunders often.
Man 1: I forgot the keys, dammit!
Man 2: Ungas ka talaga! (You're a downright stupid!)
by Olander November 06, 2006
A secret language created by and for the "Castro Kids" of San Francisco, California (circa 2000) to facilitate anonymity whilst conversing in public places or around people you'd prefer not understand your conversation. Frequently also used in public spaces to illicit confusion, curiosity, and generalized bewilderment within the faces of nearby strangers.
Girl, did you see their faces on the train when we suddenly starting talking in Unga? That leather-daddy started looking like he was all constipated and shit!
by SisterDharma Gettin' January 27, 2015
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