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being violently raped in the ass.
it comes from a joke titled "unga bunga"
death or unga bunga?
by Sperm Whale November 22, 2004
Originally used within the kid's television cartoon series "Flintstones Kids" middle 10 minute featurette "Captain Caveman", this term is used as a descriptor for very startling observances and interactions: In most cases, gigantic, fat and ugly girls.

Most famously used in the phrase
UNGABUNGA CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!(obvious statement here)!
JEEZ look at the face on that... UNGA BUNGA dude!

Holy Ungabunga! she got run over by the stupid bus after falling out of the fat tree...
by LoganPhyve March 27, 2008
caveman doggy style sex
caveman see cavewoman bend over, shouts unga bunga as caveman give's it to cavewoman from behind.
by Jack Death01 July 10, 2008
My dad uses this word to refer to marijuana.
" Can you smell that unga bunga ? "


" Hey do you want some of this unga bunga? "
by Brittany C Cameron May 31, 2008
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