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unfuckedacide is an uncommon term used to describe the anti biological agent used on members of the armed services prior to the Gulf war . . Prior to the injection , service members were ' unfucked' by the chemical agent , as they had not received it yet . Though without the DoD order form stamped , they would be unfit to deploy , thereby having no choice other than being fucked by the pesticide - ironically , with or without receiving the shot you were simply fucked . I apologize for the language , but totally unfuckedacide is too long , and joining the military is too vague a description , and also misleading.
pilot - hey boom , is that guy green ? Or maybe grey ?

Boomer - mmmm , yea that guy is definitely a wrong color , greyish green I guess . That load master over there holding is arm looks like he's crying ...yep , hes definitely crying , and now hes throwing up !?

pilot - This DoD Form says Anthrax and Botulinum vaccination ... I think Botulinum toxin It is the most deadlysubstance known , and we are about to get it shot into our arm intramuscularly

Boom - do we get hazard pay starting now then ?

pilot- we're both about to fly to a sand box with unfuckedacide in us and your worried about money ?

Boom- I like to pay my taxes sir , makes me feel like i'm doing my part

Pilot - When we get there , the checks are tax free

boom- whats the catch ?

pilot - the catch ? unfuckedacide my good buddy ,unfuckedacide... . and the good possibility we will get shot down .

Boom- I'm not sure i'm comfortable with not paying taxes once combat deployed, its some kind of ruse... .now that guy is definitely the wrong color ...
#catch 22 #biological warfare #war #iraq #gulf war syndrome #anthrax #botulinum toxin #boom operator #load master #kc 135 #pilot #aircraft commander #death #stealth #saddam #conflict #department of defense #vaccinations
by SW10 December 14, 2013
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