1. The thing you wear under your clothes
2. To understand something
3. To rip off someone's underwear as a sexual gesture.
1. Why is your underwear all over the floor?
2. I don't underwear what you're saying.
3. My boyfriend and I made out by the food table then we went for it and underweared eachother.
by Faceless Alison March 17, 2016
A. a nuisensical device designed to abate the process of dressing and undressing.

B. a pointless product designed as an economic stimulant in the textile industry
After wearing his new underwear just one time, Thais noticed a stripe in back that wasn't present at the time of purchase.
by clevermofoonmyspce January 26, 2008
The undergarments a guy wears just about anytime other then when hes knows hes about to score. They are barely holding on to life and could only be identified as underwear by either the owner or a person with a creative mind. Unlike famine underwear, men will wear this for an indefinite period of time until said garment vaporizes.
Just put on my favorite pair of underwear and it disintegrated
by Inspectah gadget April 17, 2010
the stuff that hangs out of ur pants if ur cool
guys sag their pants to show their underwear
by MR August 01, 2003
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