A florida based Christian rock band. They have been categorized into many genres such as Metalcore, Hardcore, Grindcore, Emo, Screamo. However, they mainly dabble in Metalcore/ Hardcore.Underoath formed in 1998

They're first album, Act of Depression released in 1999.
The second, Cries Of The Past released in 2000
and the third, The Changing Of Times was released in 2002.
During this time Dallas Taylor was the lead vocals/screamer. He gave the band most of it's Grindcore/ Metalcore/ Death Metal feel. Then after some presonal problems between Dallas and the other band mates he eventually left after the recording of Chaging Of Times. He is now in Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.
When The Sun Sleeps video was released on The Changing Of Times.

Underoath then replaced Dallas with Spencer Chamberlain who's first album recorded with them was They're Chasing Safety which was released in 2004.
They're Only Chasing Safety triggered a more screamo sound and Underoath had completely abandoned their Metalcore roots. They're sound had changed dramatically. The singing in screaming was about 50/50. It will probably be they're only screamo album and they're last seeing as they did not like most the work they did on that album.
It is rumored that they were mimicking Alexisonfire's sound, however this most likely is not true.
Reveinting Your Exit and It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door music videos were released on They're Only Chasing Safety.

In 2006, Underoath released an album called Define The Great Line. It was produced by Adam D of Killswitch Engage and Matt Goldman. It was mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. DTGL triggers more of a Metalcore sound. The members of Underoath are very much proud of the work they have done of this album alone. Most of the tracks on this album consists of screaming, roaring, growling and shrieking. There are less choruses and more breakdowns. The guitars are thrashier and louder and the drums have been sped up. Most of the album is about personal weariness concluded with seeking God at the end of the light.
Some older Underoath fans have shown much appreciation towards this album since it is closer to their older sound. It is Underoath's most recent album to date. It was certified Gold.
Writing On The Walls and In Regards To Myself were videos released on this album.You're Ever So Inviting and A Moment Suspended In Time are two other videos that will be released.
Underoath were nomiated for a Grammy on behalf of one of their music videos from DTGL/

Official Lineup:

Spencer Chamberlain - Screams/ Vocals
Chris Dudley - Keyboards
Aaron Gillespie - Drums/Vocals (only original member)
Tim Mctague - Guitar
Grant Brandell - Bass
James Smith - Guitar

Former Lineup:

Dallas Taylor-Vocals
Ethan Goring - Vocals
Wesley Wilson - Guitar
Tony Allen - Guitar
Matthew Clark - Bass
Samm Shuffler - Guitar
Octavio Fernandez - Bass/Guitar
Billy Nottke - Bass
Scott Nunn - Drums and guitar
Cory Steger - Guitar
Matt Boyd - Drums

Aaron Gillespie also has a solo project called The Almost. It is mainly a Pop/ Alternative/ Christian rock project. His debut, Southern Weather should be available in stores now.
Person 1: Underoath are playing Warped '07
Person 2: Sweet. Not much a fan, but I would like to see them live.
Person 2: Cool. We could see them together. DTGLis a good album. It's more closer to their roots.
by yocheckit April 05, 2007
Top Definition
1. A band that owns your face. No, your whole body.
"I love Underoath because they're way amazing."
by lortotheen December 23, 2003
A Christian band that originated in Florida. They have an interesting sound, which can be described as screamo, hardcore, emo, and metalcore. They're earlier CD, 'The Changing of Times', has a more hardcore sound (it consists of about 85% screaming) than their newer CD, 'They're Only Chasing Safety', which is about 50/50 between screaming and singing.
A few of their good songs include 'When the Sun Sleeps', 'Never Meant o Break Your Heart', and 'Reinventing Your Exit'.
by Drew January 10, 2005
possibly the greatest band ever.
"underoath? possibly the greatest band ever!"
by james f August 12, 2005
one of teh best bands out there. they originated in florida

other great bands of their genre include:
-Poison The Well
-Alexisonfire(not as much but yeah)
underOATH is teh sh1T!!1!
by SHADE May 09, 2004
UnderOath is the fucking best band that ever was. People classify them as many genres, but to give you a taste of how they sound its like half emo and half screaming(on their newest album). In their older albums, it features about 95% screaming.
I just saw UnderOath at the Warped Tour!
by Aaron V. September 16, 2005
A band, that despite what idiot who know nothing, have not copied alexisonfire infact Underoath have been around since 1998 and have released 5 albums since:

Acts of Depression
Cries of the Past
The Changing of Times
They're Only Chasing Saftey
and the amazing define the great line

members include:
Aarong Gillespie Vocals (clean)/Drums (only founding member left)
Spencer Chamberlain Vocals(screams)
Tim McTague Guitars
Chris Dudley Keyboard
James Smith Guitars
Grant Brandell Bass

Original vocalist Dallas Taylor left the bend after The Changing of Times and Spencer Chamberlain replaced him for the recording of They're Only Chasing Saftey.

it should be noted that for the new album, define the great line, all songs were writen by Aaron and Spencer. While the influences on the album vary, Bands like Isis and Norma Jean shine.

they're also absofuckinglutley amazing live.
Person 1: hey you like underoah?
Person 2: *has amazing orgasm over the thought of underoath*
Person 1: sweet
by sonny moore's sexy ass body July 04, 2006
A great/heavy Christian screamo band. Many people hate Underoath for copying Alexisonfire when, in fact, they formed years before. They're talent is wasted on "mainstream loving" teens who don't know a damn thing about good music and only like them in some desperate hope of looking cool and getting laid. Although not the most musically talented band ever (aka not Rush), they'll rock your socks any day of the week.
angsty teen: have sex with me cause i like underoath
me: shut the hell up (round house to the ground followed by the peoples elbow)
by FxnRaPa October 08, 2005

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