A nerdy man who has a timid demeanor and undeveloped physique, (especially a white or Asian man), but an enormous penis.
"Lola said Ling and Bradley are straight-up Undercover Brothers!"
by Mortimer L. Bard August 13, 2007
Top Definition
About the best movie ever made
Dave Chapelle (conspiracy brother) is amazing

i love it
"This is a great day for black people of all races"

"I never trust the Kernel! Slaves cook that chicken." I dont want no 100 herbs, spices and jiblets!"

"If i wanted to hear something stupid I'd talk to this skinny black ass."

"Ha!, in your face, skinny, black HEY!"
by canino December 27, 2004
For one thing, this movie is something called fun.

Anyone who thinks it's racist is a hypocrite and has thought process problems. *nods*

The movie, staring the main cast of Undercover Brother, Smart Brother, Conspiracy Brother, Sista Gurl, and other various characters is a film consisting of a simple plot.

It is a comedy film with some racial jokes but no crule racism.

And yes, Conspiracy Brother is Awesome as hell. *nods eagerly*
Undercover Brother was teh bestest movie ever.
by Penguin Supporter March 04, 2005
A person who should have been black, but is born in the wrong skin color.
That kid's just an undercover brother.
by jason kidd777 March 27, 2010
The most racist movie ever, but so hilarious, one of my favorites, and im white. Ahh conspiracy brother
The Man Has been framing black folk for years

Then that means oj really didnt do it

Uhhh ok
by Fake_ass_bitch March 04, 2005
Despicable film in which the villains are all White people. It is a very racist movie, and if there was a movie made with the same plot only with the races reversed, it would be banned, but the makers of this garbage seem to get away with it. I know its meant to be a silly comedy, but if you actually engage your brain a little, you'll see that it actually pokes fun at and takes the piss out of the fact that the racial majority is the victim of a double standard system.
So fuck this racist shite.
by BadLieutenant September 12, 2004
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