ma great habibian friend.....u rox UNA!
omg becky, ur my Una :D
by shmunk November 15, 2003
Top Definition
AMAZING! talented, gorgeous, bestfriend anyone could ask for, massive boobs, personality than shines, outter beauty and inner beauty from far away and upclose!
those two slags are totall jealous cause she's an una <3
by aintafraidtostrikeback January 12, 2011
The most beautiful face (even without makeup), she has incredible eyes, a great body, her laugh is cute, she is smarter than almost every one, she has personality and can make you laugh.
Una and I were hanging out.

wow, is that Una?

Una is so hot!
by catscandance February 26, 2012
Okay so you can't get board with this one , beautiful , and a contagious smile and laugh to go along with it she has that something . She has attitude too so watch out but on the inside she has the biggest heart and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve but is truly loyal to the people she trusts .with and inner and outer beauty can't go wrong with her . Tends to have

large breasts.
That's something una would do
by Stephanie45 January 15, 2013
The Slayer of the Gods in Egyptian myth
Unas meteo
by larstait October 13, 2003
A person with amazing inner strength and kindness, although not always amazing looking on the outside, on the inside they're the person everyone wishes to have as a friend.
"That girl is a total Una!"


"Oh thank you, you are such an Una."
by Onigiri rice ball March 04, 2009
Ugly Nigga Alert
Hey girl what you feel like eating...shhh UNA right behind you!
by hueypladi1 January 14, 2011
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