Ultimate Munchies Sandwich. the one and only. we all have that one sandwhich made of anything we pretty much fancy when we're in that state of mind and that we dig into at the odd hours of the A.M. when we get home high with the munchies. this is the one.
x : oh man, I'm sooo high, and I'm starting to feel hungry too.
y : are you feeling some UMS?
x : Ultimate Munchies Sandwhich? Totally, let's do it.
by 529brunswick September 03, 2007
Top Definition
Abrieviation for "Use Map Settings." It comes from StarCraft, where custom made maps of great inginuity were
GreedyOne: So, you up for a ums?
^BREEZE^: I'm so gosu, I don't play ums anymore.


GreedyOne: I just made a l337 map!
^BREEZE^: is it ums?
GreedyOne: Yeah..
^BREEZE^: Don't make me take Brian's mom away from you.
by Michael Berg May 15, 2004
the most annoying suffix in the world
jane: So, I was watching a movie with Leslie Uggams and my cat, fluff-ums jumps on my lap and starts eating my steakums...
me: go away before I stab you
by masteroffire January 17, 2012
A suffix added to a guys name, usually done by a girl or a homosexual male.
Girl: Hey Frankums
by SunDevil24 April 28, 2011
UMS is an acronym for "Unfortunate Misspell". Whereas one would type in not after any misspell, but an unfortunate one. It's for those cases when the sentence changes meaning to something completely different. The acronym is there for support, when sarcastic comments are flying around after someone misspelled something that was rather unfortunate.
- I pushed down shit the whole time.
- Shift*
by BaconLudo December 01, 2015
Generic Tums. Often found in bottles of 150, at Walgreens (Wall-Ums), Long's Pharmacy, CVS, etc. Lacking expensive Tums-branded wrapping, they are best carried in a sammich baggie.
What's in that baggy?
Ums. Need one?
Nah, I'm cool.
by CloverTenor February 23, 2009
very cuddly like,can be used as a verb but not usually
or an adjactive
"damn that rave was ums"(adj.)

"he was umsin all over the place."(verb.)
by stassi February 25, 2008
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