preceding exclamation made to show the pain on any part of the body that you have just hurt

a mix of ooh and my = uma
After walking into table side and hurting one's manhood = uma cock!!!
by ebuygum April 22, 2009
An uma is the black hole the other socks and underwear fall in when you can only find one in the dryer.
OMG.....I lost even more socks in the Uma....Thurman, not stirred.
by Jacques Asse May 05, 2009
A woman/girl that you either find EXTREMELY hot or EXTREMELY ugly due to her unconventional beauty (by American standards) and alien-like characteristics, like that of Uma Thurman. An Uma is also most likely to be a butterface.
Bro #1: "Yo man- dibs on the redhead with glasses!"

Bro #2: "Are you fucking kidding me? That bitch is a total Uma! She's all yours bro."
by Captain American't December 08, 2010
To beat someone up. From Uma Thurman's character on Kill Bill.
I'm gunna uma you after school
by me March 21, 2005
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