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a game played with one ping pong ball, and as many people as the room you are playing in can fit. the object of the game is to keep the ball "alive" by keeping it bouncing. each player has a ping pong paddle to keep the ball alive, hit the ping pong ball where ever in any which direction. hitting the ball against objects in the room to add to your style points that dont actually exist, but it looks cool. the game is over once the ball is obliviated.
Edgar: "hey man wanna play ultimate extreme ping pong?

Christian: "lets do this."

Luis: "Can i play?"

Edgar and Christian: "sure."
by ping pong master ding dong October 11, 2009

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Ultimate extreme ping pong is a game played with a ping pong ball and a badminton racket

The object of the game is to smack the other person with the ball as hard as possible....

Once hit - you have been ponged!
Dude - You've been ponged....

Wanna play ultimate extreme ping pong? I'll pong you!
by T Dawgg May 28, 2008