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Brilliantly funny, long-running British website for gaming geeks. One of the few beacons of light in this dark age of...well...dull gaming websites.
I went to UK Resistance today and nearly choked on my benadryl.
by Michael April 09, 2005
Great British website using the style of 'Old Games Journalism' to highlight issues in the gaming community using the art of humour. An excellent site, though not as funny as it used to be, thanks to some whore named Teela.
That UK Resistance was brilliant till that Teela spastic started writing rubbish all over it
by Manuel Hong August 17, 2005
Dead ex-Sega fanboy website that still has a few loser stragglers using it's forum to discuss porn, fizzy drinks, Umbongo's 'love' life and whether any of them will ever bed Frap or Alleycat.
Chance of ever getting a real girlfriend - DEAD!
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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