An Uh Oh Oreo can be used as a romantic or sexual term for a threesome involving two caucasian persons with one african american person. It's essentially the opposite of an oreo (two african american persons with one caucasian person). The term originated when I was dating my scumbag ex, who was a white boy always talking about how he wanted to have a threesome with Tyra Banks and I, so I decided to flip it around for a change.
White Boy: I would LOVE to have an Uh Oh Oreo with Megan Fox and Tyra Banks.
by OPDEEEEEEZY June 24, 2010
Top Definition
any white person that acts black and speaks with a "ghetto" accent.
(not always a fake thing because some white people have black family or have grown up around black people all their life and it just comes natural to them)
Jessica: like o-my god did u see that?
jamie: gurl, what tha fuck is u talkin' about?
by babygurl @k@ uh-oh oreo October 27, 2004
A white person with a black soul.
Oh my fucking god. That Uh Oh Oreo just bitch slapped that cracker ho!

Oh my fucking god... That whitey understands the Black Eyed Peas... He's gotta be a Uh Oh Oreo.
by alexorz ponizorz January 02, 2005
a white person who is considered by black people black on the inside and white on the outside
Homie 1:Yo look at dat cracker ova der

2 :Nigga I know him he a uh-oh oreo
by nigga u no who dis iz August 26, 2005
white on the outside, black on the inside; a person who is white but acts black
Man, he's such an uh-oh oreo. That white kid really rolls like a G.
by BrazNukl March 14, 2009

1. the former name used for a golden chocolate cream Oreo, changed after 2006

2. a white person who imitates the values and behaviors of inner city Black people
Did you snitch my last Uh Oh Oreo.
by The Return of Light Joker March 20, 2008
a white person that acts black

an uh-oh oreo does the following:
*wears coogi,rocawear,bapes,air forces ect.
*can fight
*can rap
by jaheal November 06, 2007
1. A term given to a white person that act's, talk's, dresses, etc. black.

2. White on the outside, but black on the inside.
Caroline: "Can you believe Kevin? He's wants me to start calling him Mack Daddy, and insists that I'm one of his bitches. Honestly he's turning into such an uhoh oreo."
by Mishi August 22, 2006
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