A sarcastic remark used when someone says or does something stupid, similar to "good one".
Person 1: dude, I got a D on the math test.
Person 2: Uh-huh!
by Edercheddar69 May 17, 2016
the universal response used to get someone to shut up when being forced to participate in a long and particularly boring conversation.
John: u should never do this. do u understand?
Joe: uh-huh
John: it was a very bad thing to do...
Joe: uh-huh
John: you deserve further punishment...
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by dx64738hf October 13, 2009
This word means that you agree with someone, (see all ready). Origin derived from a weird fella I work with. The unique spin to this is how you say, " Uh huh." The guy at work sounds like Elvis when he says it, so it adds to the effect of how you say the word. Just about everyone I know uses this phrase. Most commonly used to agree with something without having to go into detail about what you are agreeing to.
Polley the Drunk Parrot: "Johnny, did you get your ugly blue demin suit from the cleaners today?"

John C. (Sounding like Elvis) "Uh huh. Now, shut up Polley before I pluck your feathers and deep fry yo ass in some old ass bacon grease!!"

Polley the Drunk Parrot: "Get some bigger pants, toughguy, and before I go, i'll say this: 'Bottle of Pearl, please."
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by C.E.O. December 01, 2006
Acknowledgement during a conversation. "uh HUH" can mean yes, no, OK, what, and why. Can also be used to interupt a person while he/she is speaking to you. Used by fresh-off-boat Sri Lankans when they first arrive in America.

Should be said as loud as possible. Say "uh" and then in a loud, high pitch say "HUH"! Also, make a confused or unacknowledging face when saying it. Term is used to make the person speaking to you go crazy.
Police Officer: "Sir, your blood alcohol level is 2x the legal limit. I'm going to have to take you to jail."
You: "uh HUH!"

Friend: "Hey man, can you pick me up from work tommorow?"
You: "uh HUH!"

Crazy Guy on Street: "The apocalypse is coming! Everybody run for your lives!"
You: "uh HUH!"

#yes #no #what #ok #why
by SNthemanfromMDandNY May 09, 2006
An Uh-huh(noun) refers to a person that is an idiot or moron. An Uh-huh always lacks common sense and often are illegal immigrants who moved to another country with preperation.
The term "Uh-Huh" originated from idiots always saying "uh-huh" to anything that is said to them.

"Sir you are a f*ckin' idiot!"
Look at Uh-huh over there.
by Seoul April 30, 2003
Redneck George in California
Hey George .. you okay ?? Uh Huh
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
noun. male sexual organs.
uh-huh, as opposed to uh-uh, female sexual organs.
elderly people may refer to a boy's wee-wee as his uh-huh.
Don't forget to wash your uh-huh, Johnny! -Grandma
#wee-wee #penis #dick #cock #balls #testicles #private parts
by bouboros August 27, 2006
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