Describes how a person became unattractive
Damn! Bitch got hit hard by the ugly stick!
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
a pole 10 feet and 1 inch long, prompting the saying "I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole", that is pointed so that the user of the stick can poke ugly people to make them move away so that the person holding the stick isn't seen with the ugly person.
The perfect tool when one wants to remain socially acceptable but must go out in public with someone who's face looks like a volcano or like someone stepped on it with steel toed boots
"beat him with a shovel and poke him with an ugly stick."

"use the ugly stick, we don't want him near us!!"

"Hey, what's with the stick?" -- "We use it to keep my brother away :)"
by LSW Productions February 02, 2010
n; a term used for skinnier females, often used by fat bitches who are way uglier and twice the size.
person a) whoa she is such an ugly stick
person b) yeah i bet she weighs less than my left ass cheek.
by uglystick July 05, 2011
1.)A stick that people beat each other with to make each other ugly.
2.) An Ugly stick is also a fishing pole brand.
Molly was beat with a ugly stick and she never could be preety again.
by Joemama June 22, 2004
an STD infested pecker.
Diller beat some hoe with his ugly stick and turned her ugly. Now she has chlamyphilis and herpes simplex 20.
by the Little Kid June 01, 2006
(1) A stick used to cruelly beat ugly kids with, as though they are imaginary monsters of some kind, due to their unfortunate or grotesque looks
I bet that kid got beaten with the Ugly Stick when he was at school
by Adrian Paul Miles May 24, 2006
A fantastic and funny TV show on Channel 31 in Australia.
You should catch the Ugly Stick on Channel 31 tonight. It's freakin hilarious!
by Fan of Karl July 11, 2006
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