(AKA Ugg's)Trendy sheep-skin boots when worn with skinny jeans tucked into them and a cute winter cute during the colder season. Ugly-ass boots when sluts wear them with there inch and a half mini skirt and belly shirts. Made for warmth and comfort. Used (by girls in Northern America) to attract guys looking for a one night stand.
1) Sarah, I love your Ugg Boots with that coat and skinny jeans!

2) Holy hell. Look at that girl over there. I mean come on. Ugg's with a mini skirt?! Total slut!
by Delicious Nuggets January 26, 2009
A boot made from sheep skin, which is excessively expensive for what they are (ranging from £50-£200), a popular sensation of footwear that can be seen on a range of girls from celebrities to young mothers pushing their sprogs in prams.
It makes the user look like they've developed some kind of foot condition known as Simpson's feet.

So far they haven't produced a yellow pair of ugg boots...
by saucy wrench January 01, 2011
Type of woman's foot wear worn mostly by younger woman in Westernized countries. Often made of sheep skin and wool, these poorly designed boots lack in proper arch and foot support. The wearer of the boot can often be seen walking not on the sole of the boot but rather on the actual side of the boot itself. This leads to a condition characterized by worn out, wet and ugly boots. Hence the name "Ugg boots".
Hey Kayla, great Ugg boots! Oh by the way, did you realize you are not actually walking on the sole of your boots and your Uggs are getting totally trashed?
by Mick Bentley March 12, 2010
A type of tampon.
When I had my period, the menstrual fluid dripped down my leg into my ugg boots.
by jimbo12d February 09, 2010
Another expression used to describe an unattractive female.
Person 1: Did you see that girl right there?
Person 2: Yeah I know, she was ugg boots.
by ArElEightch September 22, 2009
sticking your foot up a partners butt during sex who has an extreme case of e.d. (explosive diarhea) and they hershey syrup all over your foot and the resulting image of your foot would be the ugg boot
this resembles an actual ugg boot.
by kban000 December 02, 2006
boots made of sheep skin
i gots teh sh333p botss
by smage12111! September 07, 2004

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