A high school Ultimate Frisbee club with the initials of UFIA to have double meaning. It is an excuse to display the acronym of "Unsolicited Finger in the Anus" but at the same time, for an ignorant school administration, "Ultimate Frisbee Is Awesome."
We wear UFIA tee shirts around school.
by TIMOTHEOUS "DICK" BARLOW March 20, 2007
Not Cool. Not cool at all.
Hey, I just hit it big on the roulette table, UFIA's all around!
by Digital D February 21, 2005
UFIA - Uneventful Friday In Alaska
the highest level of boredom.
Another week, another UFIA. *sigh* XD
by DyolfKnip February 21, 2005
Unsolicited Finger in the Anus.

Bunch of guys at a website called Fark think they invented it. Get over yourselves.
Joe gave his girlfriend a UFIA in bed and she slapped his face
by Jimmy Wong February 18, 2005
UFIA: Acronym for Unwanted Finger in Ass.
I dropped the soap and before I could stand back up he game me an ufia!
by Adam October 14, 2004

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