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A abreviation for Ursula Frankin Academy, a terrible alternitive high school with fugly uniforms and extreemly foregin sadistic science teachers.
gives huge projects in april and has an insane fat italian vice principal who does the acutual principals job becasue she is to hopped up on advil and codine to speak a work. most students are guitar and/or hacky sack playing hash smoking hippies, grungy punks, wangsters, and sluts with the occational emostitute.
"you go to UFA? you fucking asshole"
"ufa is TERRIBLE"
"fucking ufa hippes"
by ve03h May 03, 2005
59 109
A samoan mans asshole
Nah he's an ufa bro
by nyra December 18, 2003
50 100
UFA-is a city in Russia with the hell bad hockey team! The most shitty team in the world! The best is Severstal Cherepovets!
What's ufa? Never mind--it's the hell damn city with a shitty hockey!
by putin hater July 11, 2006
33 84
Ufa is a big city in Russia with one and half million population and really developed industry - up to fifty per cent of all gasoline made in Russia comes from Ufa.
Hey, how come you've never heard of Ufa? That's the town where the best club of the Russian Hockey League is!
by SnowLion April 25, 2006
18 69
Also means in regional slang "You Faggot Ass" for short. Most commonly used by insecure people muttering under their breath to strangers they secretly find attractive.
When someone is within an earshot you mutter "ufa" under your breath to let them know you think they're gay,when secretly you're projecting your own homo-erotic desires.
by epking July 08, 2005
14 65
UFA is an ancronym for the Underground Foosball Assosciation
MAN 1:Yo what are you watching

Man 2: IM watching some serious UFA action
by Cwaterton12 July 10, 2008
7 59