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The act of trying to submit a word to Urban Dictionary. Not recommended when drunk, or otherwise impeaded as this tends to lead to entries which are stupid and/or simply mean.
"Shit, Terry was so wasted last night that he tried to UDict his last five girlfriends."
by gaily February 02, 2007
v. to look up an unfamiliar term on urbandictionary.com
chokester92: yo i watched a.schwarzie take out like 10 mofos at once! it was sick.
cutiepatootie99: mofo? whats that?
chokester92: udict that shit.
by joe10 April 03, 2010
Someone who is addicted to Urban Dictionary.
A: I never miss a word of the day!
B: I know, you are an udict...
by DecoyDucky March 08, 2010