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Short for Urban Dictionary Whore. Someone who spends every waking moment trying to add funny words to this site usually failing miserably.
Christ Jeff is such a ud whore.
by !BlackDeath! November 15, 2007
Someone who feels so insecure about themselves that they feel the need to add their name to the Urban Dictionary, listing a whole bunch of compliments.
Person 1: Hey look! I'm in the dictionary for real now! It says I am totally awesome!
Person 2: Maybe if you had real friends, you wouldn't need a dictionary to tell you they like you. UD Whore!
by cinymin86 November 16, 2009
An idiot who has nothing better to do than to write burns about people or brag about the girlfriend they don't have on Urban Dictionary.
Person 1: Damn man, what the hell is with these idiots?

Person 2: What do you mean?

Person 1: UD Whores submitting another diss about someone.
by Zhael April 23, 2009
someone ( usually female ) who sits on Urban Dictionary looking up funny things to later use when hanging out with friends.
Guy 1 : " she just said 5 things from Urban Dictionary in one sentence "

Guy 2 : " she must be a UD Whore."
by 4thSS May 15, 2011
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