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An area where trees are the only things you will see more than white people.
is that ucsc over there?
by smith t. lee May 31, 2005
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Wow. Needless to say, I think it's the only campus in North America where "History of Conciousness" is an accepted major. Also, if you go to UCSC, and haven't done First Rain at least once, you're just faking the funk. Also, the best college book ever, "Don't Tell the Parents" was written by the proctor of my old dorm, and is highly suggested reading to all interested in the campus.
UCSC: Where the forest animals are protected more than the students.
by Epoch July 06, 2005
University of California at Santa Cruz

A beautiful campus where people are generally great, you get around on public transportation or biking, you learn to think for yourself b/c some of the professors are completely off their rocker, and you work hard not to get pegged as "bleeding-heart liberal," "wigger," "AzN," "token angry black person," "fascist conservative," "that immigrant kid that can't speak English," or "rich emo kid."
UCSC has the coolest mascot ever - GO SLUGS!
by Ninjarina August 19, 2005
-A breathtakingly beautiful campus, home of the Banana Slugs.

-School some of the best programs in the country like astronomy and psychology. Great tennis and swim teams without a hyper inflated sports budget. Offers courses called History of The Beatles, and History of Bob Dylan.

-Not comprised entirely of hipsters, hippies, and stoners. Whatever stereotype you are identified as/identify with is most likely represented also.
Angry Local: Brah! You can't surf here, uck-suck kid!

UCSC Student: Dude, we represent, like, 25% of the SC economy, so piss off and get a job!
by UCSC alumnus September 19, 2007
people don't just walk around naked here. Deer walk around naked too.
this is also a good place to get brainwashed from the FAR left, walk around in the woods, learn to like the way pot smells, learn to take public transportation,evaluate everything, and most improtantly learn how to live compleatly seperated from anything you might need or want, like a best buy or an In and Out.
ted is doing really great at UCSC his perfomance in "how to be part of the world:injustice and america" was evaluated as "moderatly successful".
by sherrice March 23, 2005
University of Collegians Smoking Chronic

1. 1156 High Street

2. "How do you like UCSC?"

"I don't remember."

3. Even the weirdo Merrill kids smoke herb
by Dickman831 March 10, 2007
University of California, Santa Cruz
the kids went to college at UCSC
by mack daddy May 26, 2003
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