a top tier public instution in west LA. Good faculty, but snot nosed students that feel the need and have the endless insecurity to bash its rival USC over petty disputes and sometimes over things USC actually HAS that UCLA doesnt (such as it's current superior sports programs and actualy having an undergrad buisiness program).

A good school in a good area, but students that are far too embittered with overzelous rivalry, hate and insecurity to appreciate it and respect others.
Hi, i go to UCLA, i like to call USC students spoiled even in the face of obvious rich bel air and beverly hills snobs going to my school.

if we're not winning in sports, "we used to so we're better" and if we're winning "we were always the best".

we also shun what we do not have but our crosstown rivals do so we go on urban dictonary and make up bitingly rude and false definitions of USC.
Trojankiller needs to check his facts. "What do UCLA and USC students have in common? They were all admitted to USC"?

Yeah, right.

If he cares so much about statistics, he should check out and see that plenty of USC students turned down UCLA, even though it was "superior."

Maybe because they weren't tightwads. Maybe because they didn't want to spend two years finishing their freshman classes, and having to go through two more years as a "junior." Maybe because they didn't want to spend college as a number. Or, you know, maybe because they wanted a good football team. Also, maybe because they weren't such asshats.
If you like the US News and World Report Rankings so much, you should see that UCLA has been on a decline-- from the #17 best school in the nation in 1990 to #25 in 2005. USC, on the other hand, jumped from #41 to #30 in the span of only five years (2000-2005).

Watch UCLA gradually lose those precious rankings, and watch USC continue to succeed.
by Fight On! May 09, 2005
A school of sad, sad kids. Apparently, due to the number of "Up" votes for anti-USC, pro-UCLA definitions, there are a lot of UCLA kids lurking around urban dictionary. Compare this to the noticeable, comparatively less number of "Up" votes for pro-USC, anti-UCLA definitions.

Here's the big secret: It's due to the fact that kids at USC have LIVES and usually don't hang around the web and try to one-up and bash their rival school on a WEBSITE.

Obvious conclusion: So many UCLA kids only frequent urban dictionary because they are worried and insecure, and can't one-up or bash the winners at the University of Southern California in any other arena but the safe and faceless world wide web.

Like I said: sad, sad kids. :(

Just wait and see how many "Down" votes there'll be for this definition, and you'll see how many insecure UCLA kids there are neurotically checking out UCLA definitions on urban dictionary.
Other words to describe many a UCLA kid:


Or just: Trojankiller
by anonymous April 18, 2005
Why do kids from UCLA feel the need to bash USC so much? If they feel they are so superior, why do they seem to get off on bashing the "inferior" USC? Aren't they supposed to be "above" that? I thought UCLA kids were supposed to be "smart." Since when does "smart" correlate with "derisive, insulting asshats"?

Insulting and elitist: bad combination, UCLA, and you're not even a Northeastern Ivy or anything.

Oh, and insulting USC by saying it's in the ghetto? Not cool. If you don't like "racist" Trojans commenting on all the "yellow people" at UCLA, trying to get at 'SC for saying its in the ghetto (i.e. in the black part of town) is JUST as hypocritical. Since when is being located or coming from a certain place apt reason for insulting?
UCLA kid: Hah hah hah, I have no life! I like looking at college rankings and getting off on how USC is ranked so low compared to UCLA!
Person #1: Blah blah blah. Everyone knows that UCLA is just where the cheap people or the Berk rejects go. Enjoy your three years as a sophomore at UCLA, prick!
Ugly Caucasians Living with Asians.

The reference to ugly white guys living with normally very attractive Asian women. A negative connotation to the loser white guy streotype who has success solely because of the color of his skin. Also negative connotation to the Asian women who dates only white guys, no matter how ugly or poor because she thinks white guys are superior.
Look at at that couple, so UCLA.
by Sanny June 10, 2005
Univeristy of California LEFT on ALLENDALE
a.k.a. west valley community college across the street from redwood middle school in saratoga
I'm going to UCLA.
really? i'm going to UC ME At HOME
haha noob
by WFF July 27, 2005
1.The unofficial Bruins motto is: Enjoy being a sophomore-It's the best three years of your life
UCLA students spend an average of 6 years in order to graduate (cuz they're so poor and need to work)
by bruinshave2muchtime September 05, 2003

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