Useless Crap Learned Altogether
A school w/ students who dwell on arbitrary and biased university rankings, repudiate USC students’ higher SAT scores, ride the coattails of their Nobel laureates’ presence, gloat at USC for being in the ghetto (despite their purported white-guilt liberal stance), jealous that USC students drive nicer cars than UCLA students’ parents, and claim that “our undergrad academics are more rigorous than yours, that’s why we go onto grad school.” No, you guys go onto to grad school because your undergrad programs are so impractical that nobody gives a flying fuck that you majored in liberal arts and couldn’t handle pre-med or engineering.
Hey, didn’t UCLA start out as LACC, a community college a few minutes north of our “ghetto?” So you were in the “ghetto” too huh? Oh…you Bruins don’t like bringing up your humble beginnings do you? Hey, UCLA is a heavy feeder school for community college transfers, so it is de facto still a community college, just a slighter more challenging one. UCLA=honors community college, UCLA=magnet community college: which one do you like better, so I know how to address your school? ….Or how about “Westwood Magnet?”
bruin: Damm, I've been out of UCLA for like 7 years and still deliver pizzas in the North University Park area.
Trojan: Sorry to hear man, I had so many offers thrown at me months before graduation.
bruin: Hey, you think USC admission officers wouldn't mind that a pathetic bruin like me applies to grad school?
Trojan: I don't see why not. Once you're in, you can shed the shame of being a bruin. Better yet, you won't have to sit on the losers' side at football games. Join the club pal.
bruin: I guess if you can't beat them, join 'em!
by Trojans kick ass July 05, 2008
A school filled with insecure low-lifes who have nothing better to do than either bash their cross-town rival, or constantly remind others of how great and prestigious their school is. Yet they fail to realize that ucla grads typically lose job positions to grads from csulb, csuf, and cal poly pomona, schools which are thought of as much less well-respected. what does this prove? prestige means absolutely nothing and it only matters to ignorant, insecure people. guess what, bruins, the competitiveness at your school is all in vain, because you're doing all that work for nothing. look at the csu grads who actually study things that are practical for finding a job, and they study because they're interested, not just for grades that no one will ever look at once you're out of school.

they also stress how hard it is to get into, yeah like anyone really cares what grades you got in 10th and 11th grade and how good you are at taking some random, inaccurate test.

and sports? please, csuf beat ucla's baseball team five times in a row, and csulb beat them three times in a row. also, some csulb students went over to westwood and said that it was boring, and that the cookies at diddy riese sucked. they also kicked the bruin statue on campus and went into the student store and threw ucla attire onto the ground. they also tried the dorm food and said that it sucked too. getting pwned by the underdogs, now huh?

i mean, first they beat ucla at sports, then they insult their territory, and then they're even getting jobs over them. you can never look at the name "UCLA" the same way ever again.
Girl: "Where do you go to school?"

Bruin: "UCLA, of course. one of the top schools in the nation, it's up there with the ivies in prestige and it's well-respected throughout the world."

Girl: "umm okay, well i'm looking through its course catalog and most of the degree programs seem pretty useless and impractical. the ones at csulb actually seem useful, so i wonder who's gonna get the jobs in the end..."

Bruin: *stares back with a gaping mouth and disappointedly surprised expression and thinks to herself, wow i did all this work for nothing and paid extra to go to a school where all the hype is useless*
by Cairorox October 04, 2008
actually dumbasses, ucla is 27 now, and usc is 26...
"I go to UCLA, we think we're better than USC solely because we aren't in central and our classes are 'sweet' "

"I got to USC and we shirts with a picture of Tommy trojan buttfucking a Bruin, suck on that."
by Fuckotron August 25, 2006
A school that is apprantly jealous of USC and has whole bunch of students over here giving thumbs up and down because they don't have anything else to do I'm guessing?

A school that can't hate on Berkeley instead because they know they lose. So they are hating on USC because they are about to take over their place.

UCLA says USC makes people make too much in tution but guess what guys? UCLA's just as expensive as USC for OOS so it sucks for me either way. And besides, least USC's paying for 40K of it. Good luck relying on poor cali government for your tuition. You most likely won't get crap. ^_^

I'm one of those new freshmans you guys are talking about @ USC and I didn't even bother to apply to UCLA because I know they suck (and also because their application date was in november.. wtf)
You can't spell ruin without bruin ^_^

Least USC TROJANMAN gets some action. I rather be a condom than a UCLA's nonexistant bear like animal of some sort that nobody ever sees. Whereelse would you be called a Trojanman? And besides Brad Pitt was a trojan man in Troy and he did both Angelina Jolie and Jenifer Aniston.. Be jealous UCLA that you can't be a Trojan man.
by IAMBETTERTHANYE July 03, 2006
A wonderful school located in Southern California training some of the finest grocery baggers, waiters, and office clerks this city has to offer. Where would the service industry be without UCLA's generous contribution of unskilled laborers?
My maid went to UCLA.
by ucla sucks August 13, 2005
A decent labor pool for USC gradutes to choose from to fill menial positions. However, said 'SC alum generally prefer to pick from graduates of UCLA's non-joke big brother, Cal.
Need someone to get that filing cabinet in order? I hear UCLA grads are cheap, why not try one of those?
by Bruins4Lyfe November 14, 2005
I pay and I make much less than a USC grad.
USC graduates populate elite executives positions throughout Southern California. UCLA grads make great (well, OK) employees.
by Soloman September 16, 2005

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