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Today an ubese girl stood on my foot. I tried to walk away and my leg snapped off.
by Bert Bets January 26, 2008
a fancy pants band of nomadic prople from the star wars universe. Once they got there hands on advanced technology they become somewhat obsesd with it, creating modern day equvalents to weopons of mass destruction. The republic moved in and attempted to prevent them from making more illigel weponry, unfortunatly the republic set off a chain of explosions in the ubese wepeon plants destroying all but one of there homeworlds, and releasing toxic chemicals forcing the ubese to use funny looking filtration mask thingys. after the destruction of there homeworlds the ubese developed a profound hate for the republic, and the jedi. Ubese are distrustfull of outsiders and ofton found as bountyhunters and mercenarys
in star wars return of the jedi, leia diguises herself as an ubese bounty hunter to sneek into jaba's place
by fernandernanz June 06, 2006