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A. Think Richard Simmons and Brian Boitano in hot pink jumpsuits making out; Alternatively, any male Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

B. So staggeringly gay that you have to sit down because you just can't function.
When Jim walked in wearing a feather boa and said "Hey-eee!" that might have been the most uber gay thing I've ever seen in my life.
by Fitsy Mitsimmons January 28, 2005
so extremely gay, that your so shocked that you have to sit down, and you question your self, asking if everything you knew in life was wrong.
"i saw something i shouldnt have, it was so uber gay, that its hard not to question the meaning of life."
by 147 November 22, 2007
Someone who is so gay that he can't sit down because his ass hurts.
Did you see that person wearing thongs with implanted-looking boobs? That looks uber gay!
by Sephellia August 27, 2006
A strongly homosexuel person or sth. that sucks (no offense!) ass and balls.
1. Check out these dudes sparkling silver sneakers.
2. Yes man! That shit is über-gay.

1. Damn, I gotta wake up at eight.
2. Fuckin' über-gay.
by Pedro Gon February 21, 2008
extremely flagrent, or showing acts of homosexuality most of the time, or really gay.
The annapolis mall man, you are really gay. Fuck you bitch.
by C-Dogg (Shocker represent) January 20, 2005
Anyone with a Diablo II acct named Red_lightnin
Red_lightnin is ubergay
by Slash June 10, 2003
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