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the technical term for an extreme homosexual or gay
Justin Bieber is an UBER FAG
by drob14141414 November 17, 2009
9 3
someone who is extremly gay and goes out of their way to be a huge homosexual.
"god, matt is an uber fag"
"yeh uber fags need to get their thumbs out of their ass'es"
by Justin........ August 29, 2006
43 22
A crown prince(ess)of faggodom, a gay man who wraps himself in layer upon layer of the pretentious symbology of gay culture: a martha sterwart garden, textured walls with tile accents, italian shoes and trips to provincetown and bali, ad nauseum.
Mike's a great guy, genuine and funny; how he got hooked up with that uberfag Justin beats the shit out of me. I hope they dont plan to adopt.
by poundingwood April 23, 2006
37 26
One who aside from being pathetic and annoyng, show many gay traits amd usually has a high squeeky voice.
Adam Mathews is a hardcore uberfag to the max!!!!
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
6 19