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The ultimate douche bag. One without equal. Usually a guy named Brad.
Brad was a uber douche for cheating in his fantast baseball leauge.
by Matt the Moose July 05, 2006
When someone has reached such an incredible level of douchiness, it is almost unfathomable and is completely unbearable to others. King of all douche bags. The scientific name for schmucks who roll up in public wearing wife-beaters or oversized jeans. Can also be found wearing sunglasses in nightclubs and/or sun-visors on backwards and upside down. These people should be drug outside and shot in the stomach, then used as speed bumps to prevent any neon-toting lowrider crap-mobiles from infesting the neighborhood and lowering property values.
1. Peter Burns (Denver sports radio host an admitted Uber Douche)
2. Justin Bieber
3.Anyone on Jersey Shore
4.People living in Denver, Co.
by People for a Douche Free USA July 19, 2011
(Adj.) A douchebag of such great proprtion, that simply calling them a douche will not suffice.
Carolinalax23 is an uberdouche for throwing water balloons at some kid at work, and making him cry.
by heisman September 16, 2005
a douchebag who has transcended the mundanity of common douchebaggery to attain some degree of great status, wealth, power or celebrity, which causes him to ooze all of the sex appeal of a walking venereal disease.

A common douchebag advances to the vaunted level of uberdouche through one of two ways:
1. He is recognized for a significant degree of actual talent (note that this talent can never be tempered by authentic cultural intelligence, or he is no longer a douchebag).

2. He has attained status through luck, inheritance, etc. or by association (e.g. marriage, baby-daddyness etc.) with someone of actual prominence.

Note that because the uberdouche is actually famous/rich/known, it is easy to mistake him for a non-douche because his opinion of himself seems to equate with public assessment. Mark, however, that while the masses may regularly celebrate uberdouches, there is a Higher judgement, and God does not wear Ed Hardy.
Damn, Adam Levine may be really good at singing but he's just a velvet-throated uberdouche.
Damn, David Beckham may be really good at soccer but he's just an uberdouche in gilded cleets.
Damn, Scott Disick has effectively ascended to the hallowed ranks of The Uberdouche simply by impregnating a Kardashian.
by princeofdenmark April 03, 2012
a person that is so clueless about their own douchebagness that they can only be considered and uberdouche.
he laughs at his own ridiculously lame jokes, thinks that if he SAYS he's cool, then he is and believes he is THE gift to women despite ending up at the Stop and Sip every Friday night. he doesn't realize that there has to be one person out of every group that no one likes. since he likes everyone in his group, he is, by default, the uberdouche.
by nihilistic_kitten July 16, 2009
someone, usually male, who takes the act of being a douche to a whole new level; often someone who thinks he is cooler than someone else because of physical traits.
john: "i have amazing hair today, actually, i have amazing hair every day. unlike you, joe."

joe to carrie: "john is such an uber-douche."
by sweet-pandemonium July 07, 2010
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