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getting ur ass super owned, or super owning ppl
Knifing in a first person shooter is uber ownage
by the Nad April 11, 2005
1 during the act of almost a fatal loss you come back with an amazing almost unbelievable, and remarkable, come back making you either win, or come close enough to your victory

2 you are being being owned to a degree of which you would consider dieing

3 term used by noobies who do player kills, but then later die
setting, video game, presumably halo 2
person a: "dude i just pwned your last life"
person b sneaks up behind person a and shoots the fucking life out of him, then kills him 20 times with out a single death
person b: "this is uber ownage nooby"
person a: "FUCK YOU!"
by nooby bot February 18, 2008