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Large, influential international or multinational organizations like FIFA or the IOC that campaign for good health while accepting sponsorship from McDonald's. These organizations accept millions of dollars in sponsorship donations from McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, or Budweiser to have exclusive rights to market their own products and make even more millions of dollars in profits. Some people feel this is like offering a bribe. However, if you have an MBA you can call it Strategic Marketing.
Hey Morgan, did you hear that the uber McFucktard London 2012 Olympics Committee's plans to improve public health may be undermined by the announcement that one in five meals served to fans at the games will come from McDonald's.

Launching their food strategy, games organisers said that 3 million of the 14 million meals served during the two-week event will be prepared by the fast food chain. All branded soft drinks will be provided by Coca-Cola and the only other branded food on sale will be Cadbury's chocolate. McDonald's and Coca-Cola both sponsor the International Olympic Committee, which passes several million pounds of those revenues to London's organisers, while Cadbury pays £20m as a direct sponsor of the 2012 games.
by Blue Eyed Arab March 09, 2010
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