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the craziest, sickest and best party school ever.. even though its cloudly like every day and freezing cold october-may...
f--k the princeton review rankin top party schools, they aint like us...
f--k that we in the capital of ny state
we gonna f--kin party harder and drink more than you can ever imagine...
Guy: Hmm, I wonder where's a good place to party.
Friend: Go to UAlbany, they are crazy there.
Guy: How crazy are they?
Friend: Dude, they pregame harder than most people party. The amount they drink to start off the night is more than what other people drink in a night.
by killshooter November 14, 2006
The trashiest school in the Capital Region, if not all of New York.
All of the students wish they went to Siena, but most couldn't get in, and they'll do anything to deny it.
UAlbany girl: "Yeahh, I go to Albany..."
Siena guy: *ew, trash* "Yeah, I go to Siena."
UAlbany girl: *lucky bastard* "Ohh...that's nice, I guess."
by SaintsGirl2015 August 06, 2011