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A "hidden message" in the box art of the popular video game Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. On the box art, there are small stars next to certain letters of the title, and the stars are over the letters "U", "R", "M", "R", "G", "A", and "Y", in that order, spelling U R MR GAY. This has since become an internet phenomenon.
Guy 1: Did you hear about the hidden message on the box art of Galaxy? It says "U R MR GAY".

Guy 2: Yeah, only about 50% of the posts in video game forums have that sentence in them now.
by jjjjjjjja December 06, 2007

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a hidden message on the Super Mario Galaxy boxart. Some letters in the title have a sparkle. The ones that do spell out "UR MR GAY"

UR MR GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by magnawiz October 14, 2007