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Mean, angry, violent sex. This can take the form of dominatrix. However, it most commonly involves the use of handcuffs, various positions, and several painful, but sexual, acts.
After breaking up with my girlfriend, I met up with some girl for tyrannosaurus sex.
by MrChocolateShakes March 01, 2011
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When you have sex without the use of your arms.
Dave: Oi Jim, basically i'm very, very horny and would very much like to have sexual relations with you.
Jim: Well that's just splendid Dave, however i'm afraid to report that my arm is in the most horrendous state of pain.
Dave: Why Jim, that shan't be a restricting factor in our sexcapades, one does not need to use ones arms whilst making love...
Jim: How absurd! However do you mean Dave?
Dave: Well Jim old boy...have you heard of Tyrannosaurus-Sex?
by Jim and Dave January 10, 2014
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Mega sex action that includes a huge dick and a tight pussy.
"Man, Jim and Christina were having Tyrannosaurus SEX in their car last night."
by mikejohnphillips January 23, 2007
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getting laid by a dinosaur... or someone really ugly with claws and scales.
Crusty Bruce: i had tyrannosaurus sex with your mum last night.

Client Flannel: WTF?? shes a dinosaur?
by Monsieur Pants July 11, 2010
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