A loud, obnoxious person who often tries to act just like a stereotypical version of the race they're surrounded by

May or may not have a frighteningly large forehead.
Person 1: Did you see that Tyra Banks? She was talking ghetto slang to some black people, but started talking like a valley girl to a bunch of white folks

Person 2: I didn't notice. Couldn't stop staring at that fucking fivehead
by TRSX January 16, 2009
A former Victoria's Secret model. Not nearly as good looking as she or anyone else likes to think she is.

She is pretentious, condescending, hypocritical and just plain ghastly. On the personality side she is absolutely everything that a man would not want in a woman.
It was rather humerous watching Tyra Banks on her dire show lecturing a pornographic actress when her entire career has been based on strutting down the catwalk like a whore.
by tyrabanksFOREHEAD August 15, 2010
A self righteous model who has only achieved fame by showing her big boobs and skinny legs in Victoria's Secret catalogs, never from big name designers like Versace. Loves to put down the girls in her show and make them feel like crap instead of giving them sound advice and boosting their ego.
America's top next model should be called "a bunch of seven's taking sh&t from Tyra Banks"
by Lesserevil May 13, 2009
A bitch.
1. Tyra Banks is a Tyra Banks.
2. Those Tyra Banks' stole my idea!
3. My mom is such a Tyra Banks sometimes!
by Lorelai Parker November 04, 2009
An African-American supermodel with a massively large head, literally as well as figuratively. Oddly enough, despite her horrible looks and rotten personality, has had a successfull career in Hollywood. Believes she is some type of diety.
Kid: Is there something wrong with the TV?

Me: No, Tyra Banks forehead really is that big.
by JukeJointJezebel July 11, 2006
You gotta bigass forehead.
Billybob: Man Joebob, you got you a Tyra Banks!
Joebob: Well yo momma got her a Rihanna.
Billybob: My momma does not a have a big forehead!
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007
Another name for the beer brand "Negra Modelo". It's based on the translation "black model".
Corona? Nah, brother pass me one of them Tyra Banks.
Stop by the liq and swoop up some Tyras.

by Tan Wilder March 05, 2008
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